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Hi I'm Jennifer! Currently living in and hating the desert. I am 22 years old, a librarian, book lover, gamer, and tarot reader.

I went to toys r us to buy my niece a female superhero (or even catwoman) for her birthday. I wasn’t able to find anything at all featuring any female comic book character (I asked three different employees for help at separate times as well). I was and still am so so angry. Especially since they would have superhero teams like the avengers with every member but the female one. If it weren’t for me my nieces and nephews probably wouldn’t even know female superheros exist.


The Kitty Genovese murder

In Queens, NYC on March 13, 1964, 28 year old Kitty Genovese was on her way home after work at approximately 3:15am when she noticed she was being pursued by a dark figure. He ran at her and although she tried to escape the man jumped on her and stabbed her multiple times. Kitty screamed for help and a man named Robert Mozer heard her cries and yelled at the assailant to leave her alone. The attacker panicked and fled. Kitty stood up and began staggering home. 

The attacker found her again within five minutes as just was right outside her apartment. He continued to stab her and eventually raped her. She screamed for help and cried, “I’m dying!” Her screams did not go unnoticed. Lights began to turn on and people opened their windows. However no one came to her aid. Thirty-eight people watched the ordeal and did nothing. Witnesses pulled up chairs to their windows and called one another, asking what they should do. Not one person called the police. 

The entire event lasted an estimated 32 minutes. After stabbing her 17 times then raping her, the man took the 49$ she had in her wallet and left. Only then did someone call the police. After the call was made, the cops arrived in less than three minutes and was pronounced dead on arrival at Queens General Hospital. 

The attacker was 29 year old Winston Mosely who was arrested six days later while attempting to burglarize a TV. He confessed to Kitty’s murder and two others, as well as multiple rapes. 

So why did so many people watch the murder and not do anything to help? The bystander effect is the answer. Based on the bystander effect, the more witnesses to an event there are, the less likely that anyone will call for help. The mentality is that “someone else will do it” as the feeling of personal responsibility to help is decreased. Psychologists believe that Kitty’s chance of survival would have been much better if only one or two people would have been a witness to her tragedy. 


You know what they say when people assume.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
onision's rape jokes are hilarious nd i've been raped :) so fluck you, maybe you need to get raped, or maybe u already were considering how butt hurt you are
nixonblues nixonblues Said:


Read this passage and then if rape jokes are still funny to you, then I suppose you’re the rapists comrade. I am in no position to say whether or not you have been raped— but if what you say is true… I don’t think you’ll like rape jokes after you read this and the statistics and truth behind it.

"To all those men who don’t think the rape jokes are a problem:

I get it—you’re a decent guy. I can even believe it. You’ve never raped anybody. You would NEVER rape anybody. You’re upset that all these feminists are trying to accuse you of doing something, or connect you to doing something, that, as far as you’re concerned, you’ve never done and would never condone.

And they’ve told you about triggers, and PTSD, and how one in six women is a survivor, and you get it. You do. But you can’t let every time someone gets all upset get in the way of you having a good time, right? Especially when it doesn’t mean anything. Rape jokes have never made YOU go out and rape someone. They never would; they never could. You just don’t see how it matters.

I’m going to tell you how it does matter. And I tell you this because I genuinely believe you mean it when you say you don’t want to hurt anybody, and that it’s important to you to do your best to be a decent and good person, and that you don’t see the harm. And I genuinely believe you when you say you would never associate with a rapist and you think rape really is a very bad thing.

Here is why I refuse to take rape jokes sitting down…

Because 6% of college-aged men, slightly over 1 in 20, will admit to raping someone in anonymous surveys, as long as the word “rape” isn’t used in the description of the act—and that’s the conservative estimate. Other sources double that number (pdf).

A lot of people accuse feminists of thinking that all men are rapists. That’s not true. But do you know who think all men are rapists?

Rapists do.

They really do. In psychological study, the profiling, the studies, it comes out again and again.

Virtually all rapists genuinely believe that all men rape, and other men just keep it hushed up better. And more, these people who really are rapists are constantly reaffirmed in their belief about the rest of mankind being rapists like them by things like rape jokes, that dismiss and normalize the idea of rape.

If one in twenty guys (or more) is a real and true rapist, and you have any amount of social activity with other guys like yourself, then it is almost a statistical certainty that one time hanging out with friends and their friends, playing Halo with a bunch of guys online, in a WoW guild, in a pick-up game of basketball, at a bar, or elsewhere, you were talking to a rapist. Not your fault. You can’t tell a rapist apart any better than anyone else can. It’s not like they announce themselves.

But, here’s the thing. It’s very likely that in some of these interactions with these guys, at some point or another, someone told a rape joke. You, decent guy that you are, understood that they didn’t mean it, and it was just a joke. And so you laughed.

Or maybe you didn’t laugh. Maybe it just wasn’t a very funny joke. So maybe you just didn’t say anything at all.

And, decent guy who would never condone rape, who would step in and stop rape if he saw it, who understands that rape is awful and wrong and bad, when you laughed? When you were silent?

That rapist who was in the group with you, that rapist thought that you were on his side. That rapist knew that you were a rapist like him. And he felt validated, and he felt he was among his comrades.

You. The rapist’s comrade.

And if that doesn’t make you feel sick to your stomach, if that doesn’t make you want to throw up, if that doesn’t disturb you or bother you or make you feel like maybe you should at least consider not participating in that kind of humor anymore, not abiding it in your presence, not greeting it with silence…

Well, maybe you aren’t as opposed to rapists as you claim.”


Thank you for your message! I hope that helps and I hope to hear back from you.


Imagine Being Charged $4,570 To Prove You’ve Been Raped…Welcome to America


A photograph of a hospital bill purporting to show the charges faced by a rape survivor has gone viral after being shared on social media.

The bill, dated 26th July 2012, reveals a total charge of $4,570 to the patient in order to test for and prevent any sexually transmitted infections arising from the act of rape.

The reaction on twitter ranged from sadness

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To anger


And outrage



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So why are men suddenly showing up as victims? Every comedian has a prison rape joke and prosecutions of sexual crimes against men are still rare. But gender norms are shaking loose in a way that allows men to identify themselves—if the survey is sensitive and specific enough—as vulnerable. A recent analysis of BJS data, for example, turned up that 46 percent of male victims reported a female perpetrator. [Full Article]

Data is overwhelmingly now showing that there are many victims of rape who are male and by a female. SO many sources. Men are victims of sexual assault as well, almost at the same rate as females but because of how the law is defined it’s harder to charge women.

We concluded that federal surveys detect a high prevalence of sexual victimization among men—in many circumstances similar to the prevalence found among women. We identified factors that perpetuate misperceptions about men’s sexual victimization: reliance on traditional gender stereotypes, outdated and inconsistent definitions, and methodological sampling biases that exclude inmates. We recommend changes that move beyond regressive gender assumptions, which can harm both women and men. [Source]
Feminists on here constantly scream TEACH MEN NOT TO RAPE, in fact THIS ARTICLE includes 5 HELPFUL ways to teach men not to rape. However if 46% of rape victims are male, and a lot of the time they are reporting WOMEN ARE DOING IT, then where is this crash course for women to teach THEM not to rape? Because women are raping men it’s just going ignored, or they aren’t charged because the law and how rape is defined.
males and females carried out sexual violence at strikingly similar rates after the age of 18 — 52% of males and 48% of females.[Source}
My point being that feminists seem to have these stupid plans to teach men not to rape when sources and statistics are saying women are rapists to, not only to men but other women.
43 percent of lesbians have experienced rape, physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner compared to 35 percent of heterosexual women according to 2010 CDC statistics. [Source]
My point in all of this is statistics, studies, and witness testimonies have MORE than proven that women rape too and almost at the same rate as men. So if you have this MASTER plan to teach men not to rape, you better teach women not to rape too because they seem to be JUST as much of a problem in this.
Well he is Wolf :)

Well he is Wolf :)

My babies getting hype with the bag of tennis balls I bought them.

So bored. I can’t even swim because it started storming. And I forgot to buy beer earlier.

When I try to be friends with someone and they blow me off. Do you know who I am? Do you know how selective I am with who I spend my time with?

When this shit happens I just don’t talk to that person again. Noone snubs me.

HA! She had to come in my room like always and touch every goddamn thing while asking where my best friend (that she met once weeks ago) is. But my dogs chased her out. I love dogs. So much better than children.

My mother brought my neice home with her. I don’t like kids.



Thus the muses spake:

"JK you dealt kinda shittily with Dumbledore and other diversity aspects, so we’re gonna go ahead and fix this ourselves" 

In other news A+ headcanons from the HP fandom. 

I’m kind of just reading this in awe right now because I’ve had every single one of these to some extent in my RPs

New phone. I got a whole new look on life. Maybe not….but this is funnnnnnn!

I am so glad that I get super nice while drunk. What would I do otherwise? (have no relationships)