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the Poseidon’s Wall of Jellyfish story will never stop being a delight and I want to hear it again because it makes me laugh. also: I AM THE SAND GUARDIAN, GUARDIAN OF THE SAND.

I will tell the Wall of Jellyfish story again since…











Sexism 60’s


What the fuck was wrong with men in the 60’s?

advertising is important as it’s the historian’s best resource for identifying the values of an era. but yeah, these were fucked. the 60s was generally as fucked as the 50s. people forget that. 

It literally says ‘men are better than women’ in bold type, what the fuck. I knew this was a thing, but that is a lack of subtlety I couldn’t have written into a spoof…

This is the generation that spawned most of our parents… People our parents’ age run Washington. Starting to make sense?

When you look to the past, the struggles of the present become a great deal more clear.

Hey Everyone, just an FYI…. This is not over. This is not exclusive to “our parents generation”

Oh hey look, a Hardee’s ad

Then there's this .

Oh! OK then.

Wow. Way harsh, Tai.


Oh, you think this vodka advert is in poor taste?

These advertisements had to go through layers of people. Someone said, “this is my idea” to a room of people and then sold the idea for money.

Reblogging with the updated commentary 

As disgusting as all this is, I couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. Like people actually thought this way & CONTINUE to think this way. Absolutely horrifying.

It’s like that one post that goes around about “I want the aesthetic of the 50s/60s with modern-day values” except modern-day values are still completely fucked.
Give me oldies music & cute, retro kitchens & a world where everyone is viewed equally in terms of worth while still being able to openly & safely display their cultures/traditions/lifestyles/etc.

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best thing i learned working with and learning about kids: when they do shit like this, especially to something they themselves use and enjoy, leave it there for as long as possible. let them return to the fun thing over and over again so that it sinks in that the thing they did was wrong, they ruined something, and now they can’t have fun because of it and they should never do it again. it teaches them consequence of action and cautiousness.

i did this with a 3-year-old kid i babysat who filled his playstation with peanut butter before i got there, just every time he went back to it and asked why it’s not working, i opened it and pointed to the peanut butter stains and said “you did that” and he says “yeah”, “will it work like that?” “…no”, and when he got it and promised to never put anything but games into a game machine again, his parents bought another and he kept his promise. it works, even at that age.

this was a long and unnecessary rant but so many times i’ve seen parents IMMEDIATELY replace their kids’ toys/electronics that they destroy over and over again and i’m just like NO THEY’RE NOT LEARNING ANYTHING THAT WAY 

they also don’t learn from being thrown into fires

yeah but they’re quieter that way

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A lot of people recommended Scott Cunninghams books? Why are you saying to be wary?
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Wicca isn’t suppose to be solitary. Cunningham wrote his books for those that literally didn’t have the means to join a coven. This has led to NeoWicca which basically foregoes initiation. NeoWicca =/= Wicca, but this just leads to far too much argument. I’m not saying his solitary books are bad as I loved them and still do, but it is important to remember to not take them at face value. Also, his herbal and crystal books, from what I understand, have a bit too much misinformation. I’m not well versed in either, so I can’t say from personal knowledge though. I still own then Nevada’s they are a great starting sine, but here is where it becomes important to check metaphysical books against mundane books. Be sure that passing your stone through a flame for cleansing isn’t going to cause an explosion or that drinking that potion for luck isn’t going to make you sick.

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Why do you not like Silver Ravenwolf? I have one of her books, I was told by a local Witch that she was a good starting point.
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I prefer people who actually post historical fact, semi to good advice, who don’t appropriate other cultures, who don’t spend their time writing fake shit in order to take people’s money out of their eager pushing hands, and who actually gives a shit about the community that loves them [Mama $ilver really don’t give a shit as per her entire existence on various forums and the kind of responses she posts to people’s concerns and love about her books]. (via conversation here)

Silver Ravenwolf has a pretty bad reptutation in the Pagan/Witch/Wiccan/Whathaveyou community for promoting bad messages and sometimes outright lies in her books on Wicca. Personally having read a few of her books, I can tell you this: They are absolutely full of good information. However, I only recommend her to be read by more experienced Wiccans, so that they have enough information already to sift out what she has wrongly put in herself. I have gleaned amazing amounts of knowledge from her: but all I can say is that usually when I see a 13 year old who’s read Teen Witch, they usually have a lot wrong, from being encouraged to lie to their parents, to outright wrong dates of the Sabbats. And that unnerves me. (via thelivingwiccan)

Because I haven’t really read any of her stuff and especially not since graduation seven years ago, here are two blurbs to give you an idea. Like I said, I don’t necessarily say no, you can’t read this, but I recommend being very wary.

And now Klaus is apparently running off to go and save Sunny. In the books of course it is Violet, but I know that Hollywood prefers its female actresses to do very little.
Lemony Snicket, A Series of Unfortunate Events audio commentary (via vaginawoolf)

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its cheating if you have anything but friendly feelings for someone
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  • "I can love someone as a friend and more at the same time. Typically I do, but I channel all my feelings into an intimate friendship"

What about that is hard to understand? I naturally have extremely intimate friendships because I love people on a spectrum, not just one point or another. And I don’t pine after people.

If I’m with you, I’m with you, not anyone else. The way my deep capacity for love manifests doesn’t mean I’m a cheater.

Anon, that is some bull-fucking-shit right there.

LOTS of people, poly or otherwise, have those “SWERVE” moments. You’re in a relationship, but there’s somebody else you’ve got strong feelings for.

Is it cheating to feel for someone else when you’re committed to a relationship? FUCK NO. It’s only cheating if you go out and ACT upon those feelings behind your partner’s back.

It’s a little thing called self-control, and surprise! Poly people have it.

And on the heels of that, fuck you and six generations of your ancestors for throwing judgment on somebody else’s sexuality. Not your goddamn business. Butt the fuck out.

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never going to be over the fact that Arthur and Molly Weasley had seven children of their own, and hardly enough money or space to make due, yet they never thought twice about having an extra space at the table or making one more sweater at Christmas for the people who came into their family by circumstance.

#people Harry should have seriously fucking considered naming his kids after

It always seemed like Harry didn’t appreciate everyone he should have.

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I’ve been meaning to compile a list of titles to submit to the adult services librarian for pagan resources. I really want to avoid titles that are obviously about paganism and witchcraft besides a handful of broad topic 101 books (such as the Idiot’s Guide to Paganism). The subjects I’d like to focus on are mythologies, ancient cultures, and recon-leaning materials. I’m happy to hear suggestions for any practice that is open.











friendly reminder that when the actor who played khal drogo met the actress who plays daenerys he shouted “WIFEY!” and tackled her

Also reminder that during one of the sex scenes they were supposed to film, he came on with a sock puppet on his dick and Emilia Clarke was laughing so hard they had to take a ten minute break. 

​My life is
INFINITELY better knowing those tidbits of information

at the Q&A panel I went to with him he said before every sex scene with her he would go “I’M SORRY I’M SORRY I’M SORRY I’M SORRY” before getting into character and going at it

these two are everything

these two pls


Also a friendly reminder that in the actual ASoIaF books, Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen were legitimately in love and had a completely consensual and loving relationship.

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holy shit





I both love and am a bit horrified when I see these comparison pictures. I literally start to get that panicked feeling in my chest.

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How do you know it’s a good idea to continue to identify as Christian? When is it time to change?

Or, more to the point, when does it become apparent that your relationship with God no longer aligns with the Christian…

Gonna pop out of hiatus for a moment.
I haven’t found a church that I care to attend. Most around me are extremely judgemental and tend to only care about certain parts of the Bible.
This does not stop me from being with God. That is why I came to witchcraft in the first place. I needed a more connected way of worshipping him. I needed something more hands on. Alot of people see this a stepping Stone. A way for a person to wean themself off God and that is extremely upsetting to me.
The point is not to leave God but to find a different way to worship him. You disagree with what a church is teaching? Then Sundays open your Bible and let God teach you his word. You can study and research the Bible just as you can witchcraft and Paganism but I find most people don’t because they think they have been taught it when actually they have only been spoon fed minor parts that helped the church keep rule over its members.
Its up to you to move past the church and stand before the Lord and ask him to teach you. But if you are unwilling to then He wont push you. He wants you to come to him. I found out the hard way that God is not big on the pulling teeth method of getting followers. He is bigger on the chipping away slowly. So at this point you need to make a point to humble yourself before the Lord and ask Him to guide you. Always go before the Lord. He maybe vague, He maybe cryptic, but He will guide you.